Manual Excursion: Taman Tabebuya

by Erdira Wirengjurit
28th July 2020
This Manual Excursion discovers Taman Tabebuya, a hidden gem sequestered in Jagakarsa, South Jakarta, where it might just be your new place of solace.

Away from all the glitzy hypes and happenings of South Jakarta, a no-hum enclave resides behind tall trees at the edge of the main road that leads southward into Jagakarsa. The subdistrict, absent of any glittery reputations is the archetypal suburban landscape of Jakarta: pale with comparably dormant commotion around. It’s in this spot, away from the humdrum of a metropolis, that a sleepy Taman Tabebuya dwells.

Despite being adjacent to the road, the park is as sequestered as a hidden gem that goes unnoticed by passersby. Tabebuya park first opened its doors in 2012 before slowly falling into neglectful upkeep. Little is known of this public park before its revitalization some years prior, except its name, Tabebuya, which also refers to “trumpet trees” that grow cherry blossom-like flowers in the closing months of the monsoon season.

Today, tabebuia trees blend among others on a capacious green yard that makes this park quite picturesque to gaze upon. With jogging tracks and a small fish pond, it’s the quintessential park that truthfully, every neighbourhood deserves to have.

Despite being nearly deserted, parkkeepers and gardeners are elbow-deep in park maintenance during the day, tidying up the space for the afternoon when more people are expected to visit. Here and there, feline friends are taking naps in the shades while keeping the workers company through the arduous job.

While it may not attract legions of comers, it’s nonetheless a heartwarming sight to see a handful of locals from the neighbourhood seek an afternoon break (when the sun is much more cordial) for a quick jog, a game of ball, or a leisurely chumming with friends. At the soft blow of the wind, one may even snooze on the grass and notice a bluer sky than usual. It helps that these trees are so big—the heat shan’t bother anymore.

Among the few public parks in Jakarta, Taman Tabebuya may be a long drive from home, but it could very well be your new place of solace. As you soak in this diversion, you may either find it disheartening to see that not more people are into investing their times outdoor, or glad because it means more for you to enjoy. Alas lately, being outdoor seems more desirable than ever after a bleak confinement, and what safer place is there than a secluded park.


Taman Tabebuya

Jalan Muhammad Kafi No.1, RT.1/RW.2, Ciganjur, Kec. Jagakarsa, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12630

Operation hours:

Everyday: 7AM-5:30PM