Manual Excursion: Museum MACAN

by Julius Kensan
15th December 2017
In the latest series of Manual Excursion, we consider the draw of Museum MACAN, which has been attracting steady stream of visitors since its opening in November.

For a long time, most art related activities in Jakarta have long been confined to the independent galleries in the South or national institutions in the Central. But now residents in the West must be pleased to welcome Museum MACAN (Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara) over at the Kebon Jeruk area.

Founded by Haryanto Adikoesoemo (current President Director of AKR Corporindo and, most importantly, an avid art collector for the past 25 years), Museum MACAN occupied one of the floors in AKR Tower. The high-ceilinged interior with sweeping clean lines reflects an international touch that offers a refined backdrop for the art pieces in the exhibition. Still, apart from showcasing both international and local arts, the mission of the museum is firmly rooted in education. This is why it often offers public programs, such as art talks that feature prominent local artists like FX Harsono.

Weekends may seem like a good time to visit, but then you would have to contend with the crowd. This is why the best time to be in Museum MACAN is during the weekdays where visitors are few and far between. Distant murmurs and occasional satisfying sound of heels clacking across the wooden floor serve as a soundtrack as you study the artworks in quiet contemplation.

The hushed atmosphere of Museum MACAN should have been a strong indication that any loud and intruding activities are strongly discouraged. Alas, that doesn’t stop some of the visitors to be impervious to the surrounding they are in, as they engage in various awkward poses in front of the artworks just for the sake of a few good shots. And such pursuit amusingly turns them into an unwitting social commentary on the era we’re living in.

Anyhow, if you see yourself returning to Museum MACAN on a regular basis, signing up for their membership is clearly the right thing to do. Apart from free daily admission for a year, it also allows you to preview exhibitions ahead of the public as well as invitations to their exclusive events. And the best part is it’ll hardly leave a dent in your wallet. Plus, you’ll know where to go when there’s free time at hand, instead of wandering aimlessly in a mall.


Museum MACAN

AKR Tower, Level MM

Jl. Panjang No. 5


Operation Hours:

Monday: Closed

Tuesday-Sunday: 10am-7pm


t: +62 21 22121888