Manual Excursion: Arumdalu Farm

Ayu Swasti Amandari
12th October 2018
These days, taking the time out to visit a farm may sound peculiar, or dare even, dull, especially when one’s preferred playground is the mall or a western-esque coffee shop, which is why this Manual Excursion invites you to expand your horizon and take a detour by visiting Gading Serpong’s Arumdalu Farm, where you’ll get your food for thought.

Given today’s lifestyle patterns, we have distanced ourselves away from the very core inhabitant of this planet, mother nature. Tech is all the rage now and our eyes are constantly affixed the screens of our laptop or latest smartphones. In addition, the only remnants of mother nature you see nowadays are the fixtures of plants and trees on the city sidewalks, standing among but eclipsed by the colossal skyscrapers around – merely something to gaze upon while one’s stuck in their usual traffic.

Located in Scientia Square Park in Gading Serpong, Arumdalu Farm is a project by the Arumdalu Group, who’s also behind the Arumdalu Private Resorts in Belitung. Much like the former, the farm is born out of Arumdalu’s mission to pioneer an environmentally-friendly sustainable lifestyle – in particular, to reconnect back mankind to mother nature. And they sure did.

As they enter the farm’s gate, patrons are welcomed by a sea of vegetables planted on the ground – kale, tomatoes, lettuce, basil, you name it. And not just for show, most of the plants you find here are those unlikely to be heard of; representing and honouring the rich biodiversity that Indonesia is endowed with.

Settled at the very heart of the farm space are four homogenous glasshouse fixtures that would undoubtedly please the eyes. Pretty as they are, the glasshouses are in fact the very cornerstone of Arumdalu’s proposal for future living – a house is more than just a “house”, but is indeed a part of an overall ecosystem with the surrounding inhabitants of the compound, that is, nature.

While out in the sun, guests can have themselves a break inside one of the glasshouses, where they can sit down to enjoy the farm’s signature Tempeh Burger and a glass of iced tea. Constructed with Japanese technology, Arumdalu’s prototype of your future house is sustainable right to its core. To minimise carbon footprint, the glass houses only took a few months to build. Its semi-permanent foundation will also leave no mark on the ground should the house be torn down or transported elsewhere. Hence, environmental repercussions would not be due upon construction.

Stripped away of any fancy décor, the glasshouses’ serene and cool ambience would surely make patrons feel at ease. And while gazing upon the greeneries through the looking glass, one can’t help but daydream of what they would make of the unique space as if it’s their own home. Indeed, eco-friendly living has never seemed so enviable.

What’s more, having the farm within the vicinity of the houses, Arumdalu exhibits just how uncomplicated farming really is. One can do it effortlessly, the organic way, in the comfort of their own yard. And while you’re visiting, be sure to take some snaps in the farm’s Sunflower Field, because sure enough, you wouldn’t find it anywhere else in the city. That’s right, Arumdalu has managed to harvest the first and only sunflower field in Jakarta, right at their “backyard”.

But upon closer inspection, you’ll find more than just recreation during your visit here. Regardless of how fast-paced the world can be and getting caught in the buzz of the latest technology, one shall not forget about mother nature. Where would we be without her? It’s only right to give back our attention and preserve her as best as we can – it’s not too late. This message can’t be heard louder and clearer at Arumdalu Farm, and we shall salute them for it.


Scientia Square Park

Jl. Scientia Boulevard, Gading Serpong
Tangerang. 15810


Operating Hours:

Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm

Sat-Sun: 7am-6pm