Lowlight Bazaar 5

by Julius Kensan
5th March 2014
A quick flashback on Lowlight Bazaar 5, where vintage camera and film found their new lease of life.

Started as a bazaar that offers vintage camera and film for sale, Lowlight Bazaar – now at its fifth installation, has begun to include items such as shirts, accessories and notebooks. Still, Founder Renaldy Fernando affirmed that the event will still be focusing on the former. After all, vintage camera and film are hard to come by.

The event attracted myriads of people, from photographers, photography enthusiasts to curious observers. More than just selling vintage photography-related items, it was also a meeting point for photographers where meaningful discussions about photography took place under one roof.

No need to beat yourself up if you missed this one. Fernando is looking to hold the next Lowlight Bazaar sometimes this year. So continue to watch this space.


Lowlight Bazaar 5

Feb 2nd, 2014

Treeangelo Coffee Cafe