Lomos: A Sweet Spot for Swikee Fans

by Gana Adi
11th January 2016
Despite being a traditional dish, swikee might not be the common choice for everyone. Nevertheless, Lomos offers an enjoyable introduction to the uncommon delicacy.

Despite being a traditional dish, swikee might not be the common choice for everyone. While the idea of eating a frog might be intriguing for some, swikee remains a traditional dish loved by many. For those who wonder, the word swikee comes from Hokkien dialect ‘Sui Ke’ which literally means water chicken. The name presumably refers to the unique texture and taste that resemble a combination of fish and chicken.

Located along the stretch of Arteri Pondok Indah, Lomos is one of the few restaurants specialised in serving swikee. The establishment doesn’t look like much from the street, but it’s their dishes that continue to draw fans of swikee here.

The swikee is available in some options such as soup with tauco (a fermented soybean paste) or fried. While the soup is more authentic, the fried version is a great alternative for first-timers or for those who are not used to the appearance of the frog legs. Feeling more adventurous? Fried swikee with cheese could be an option.

A variety of fried tofu is also offered to compliment your taste bud. Tahu Petis is fried tofu filled with a generous serving of petis (a thick black paste made of shrimp with brown sugar). If you’re queasy about bolting down the shrimp paste, Tahu Kocok Telur (fried tofu and egg with peanut sauce) also goes well with a plate of steaming hot rice.

With such variety of swikee dishes and experience for more than a decade, Lomos is a sweet spot for swikee enthusiasts. The only problem is that you’d need a lot of patience to get there. Nevertheless, the enjoyable experience of savouring this uncommon delicacy makes it worth the traffic.