Local Pride Festivities at Local Fest 3.0

by Pingkan Palilingan
13th April 2015
With the third Local Fest rolled on for four days just last week, the whole rundown proved that throwing a smashing fiesta clearly runs deep in Local.co.id's veins.

Local Fest has served its name right. Dubbing itself as an “urban creative festival”, Local Fest has been a firm supporter for everything within Jakarta’s creative hemisphere; be it music, fashion, culinary, art, or film. The result? A thriving bazaar scene that is an ideal representation of Jakarta’s recent bloom of young creative heads.

Putting more fest to Local Fest, this twice-a-year event saw more music performances from budding singers and bands. Among those are Neonomora, Papermoon, and Elephant Kind, to name a few. We’ve got the coverage below here for you.