The View at La ‘Vue

by Pingkan Palilingan
10th March 2015
The newest addition to the growing list of bars in Jakarta is La 'Vue, a rooftop bar that features a 360-degree sweeping view of the city.

Perched on the 9th floor of The Hermitage hotel, La ‘Vue has slowly gained recognition among the Jakartans mostly because of the view it boasts.

Being located in Menteng is a plus, making the bar as a place of retreat from the much detestable traffic sprawling across the neighbouring main roads. However, it’s easy to belittle what La ‘Vue is capable of – after all, what type of scenery does a 9th floor rooftop possess? Hold that thought.

It’s quite hard to keep one’s wits shortly after landing the final steps to La ‘Vue because – lo and behold – the 360 degrees panoramic views of Jakarta are just too much to take in. Wait a bit until 5.30pm and watch as the sun dives behind Sudirman’s skyscrapers, painting purple and orange streaks to the sombre sky of Jakarta.

La ‘Vue is spread across two floors. The bar is downstairs, squirming nicely beside the hotel’s swimming pool, and the lounge is on the rooftop. The menu is uncomplicated. If you’re leaning towards a light bar snack, Tapas Platter Selection (potato bravas, calamari, chicken wings, croquette, and lumpia semarang) with its bountiful sauce is an indelible affair. For a heftier fare, La ‘Vue’s Angus beef burger is very recommended.

The alcoholic drink selections are quite diverse. Cheesecake Creamy cocktail is indeed very creamy, but tastes more like an Oreo frappe with a hint of baileys. If one feels a bit sinful after gobbling down Angus burger, opt for the fruity La Berrie’s – a sweet cocktail rich with blackberry and grape chunks.

If you’re planning to come on the weekends, be sure to call for a reservation since the place attracts patrons alike like moths. Or maybe you can stop by at Bunga Rampai, just right beside The Hermitage, for lunch or dinner while waiting for the crowd to subside.