Bunga Rampai

17th June 2014
Classic yet refined, Bunga Rampai’s rustic elegance is as authentic as it gets.

The bustling district of Menteng is home to foreign dignitaries, Indonesia’s central government, as well as remnants of a colonial Dutch city plan. In an area of town where conglomerates go about their business, lies Bunga Rampai – a conglomeration of authentic Indonesian cuisine with a rustic yet elegant feel.

Bunga Rampai’s menu epitomizes Indonesian comfort food, done the right way. They serve an authentic Indonesian fare, with a few Dutch additions to the menu (Poffertjes & Bitterballen). Bunga Rampai manages to take a simple dish such as Bakwan Jagung and serve it with elegance, yet still maintaining the familiar home-cooked taste we love & remember. Kembang Pacar, a simple spring roll appetizer, is served with such sophistication by fixing the rolls upon a whole pineapple fruit – indeed, a very aesthetically appealing dish.

The restaurant also boasts an impressive catalog of timeless Indonesian desserts. From Es Puter and Es Kopyor, to Wedang Ronde, and Tape Ketan – sweets that you’d typically expect to find along the streets near home are served with a refined twist.

Housed in a classic Dutch building, walk into Bunga Rampai and you’ll instantly feel its elegant Indonesian charm. The female servers’ attire include a quaint rattan satchel, adding to the traditional appeal of the experience. If you plan to visit in the daytime, it is recommended to dine at the newly renovated third floor of the restaurant. Beautifully dominated by a wooden interior and green foliage, this rooftop is surrounded with glass paneling, allowing natural sunlight to flood in, but also maintaining a comfortable dining atmosphere.

The rustic elegance of this establishment casts a different charm that is unlike any other Indonesian restaurants. From ambience to cuisine, Bunga Rampai strikes the perfect balance between old and new.