Jumputan by Galeri Tie Dye

by Manual Jakarta
2nd May 2016
Jumputan by Galeri Tie Dye showcased a tribute to the age-old tie-dye technique as interpreted by a group of local artists. Here's a round-up on the exhibition.

Jumputan by Galeri Tie Dye, offered a breath of fresh air within the art community by showcasing the age-old method of dyeing techniques of tie-dye. The exhibition, hosted by Galeri Tie Dye, was a tribute to jumputan (Bahasa Indonesia for tie-dye), as interpreted by a group of local artists.

Running for a week from 22nd to 30th April at Qubicle Center, the exhibition welcomed visitors of all ages who were immersed in the diverse range of patterns and dyes showcased in Jumputan. Various pieces of garments – some emblazoned with muted colours, while some with striking colours – were hung down from the ceiling, providing the impression as if the whole gallery was a giant wardrobe belonged to these artists.

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