Immersed in Javara Culture

by Ayu Swasti Amandari
15th January 2019
With a humble mission to preserve Indonesian food heritage and biodiversity, a trip to Javara Culture at Kemang would have you immersed within our heritage, where a boutique spice shop and eatery reside under one roof.

Since its founding in 2008, Javara has prided themselves on cultivating Indonesia’s heritage into all-natural, organic products for your pantry. This philosophy comes in line with Javara’s Founder Helianti Hilman who is recognised as the forefront promoter of Indonesia’s food biodiversity.

Tucked in the Bangka neighbourhood in Kemang, Javara Culture is a collective space, where a boutique spice shop and a restaurant sit adjacent to each other. The store displays a thorough collection of Javara’s goods, neatly stacked top-to-bottom along dark timber cabinets. The humble décor and the shop’s earthy colour tones speak true for the products being displayed here.

Of which, you will find among many, organic spices, every-day kitchen staples, and condiments (such as cooking oil, natural sugar and varieties of rice), packaged in its charm. But beyond the conventional ingredients (which are also traceable and ethically-traded), Javara offers specialty goods that make up a dream pantry. Where else can you find lime and celery salt, rainbow veggie noodles or a jar of tamarind-infused honey?

Should you be curious to sample some of the brand’s products, saunter your way to the eatery after your shopping spree and try out the menu; each incorporates Javara’s products wherever possible.

Wind down at the restaurant with a pleasant cup of Blue Pea Flower Latte or a refreshing glass of Tamarillo Lemonade. But if you’re keen for a meal, opt for the colourful Mie Pelangi Tuna (rainbow veggie noodle with seared tuna). Otherwise, a local plate of Dendeng Batokok served with warm rice should equally satisfy.

Making it a mission to advocate for Indonesia’s rich food heritage and biodiversity, Javara also hosts workshops at their place, where participants can learn of a variety of subjects surrounding the cause that they support and their products. So, whatever your purpose is, Javara Culture has got you covered all under one roof. And hats off to them for doing Indonesian heritage more than justice.