Into the Present with Footurama

By Hana Oktavia A.
2nd February 2021
Consignment shop and streetwear boutique Footurama in COMO Park now exults in a spacious abode, adding to their repertoire an exciting pop-up spot and more room to casually wander.

Quirky antique collectors and true followers of the streetwear culture will feel at home at Footurama. Popular for their attention-grabbing vintage collectibles and a sweeping lineup of both new and secondhand apparels, the store has recently revamped their home in COMO Park—making use of the parent Studio1212’s ex-office space and overhauling it into a pop-up corner that doubles as a storeroom for more treasured collections. 

Young collectors and music buffs will find themselves at a treasure trove. Beyond a fashion outlet, the shop has long prided itself on an experience-oriented vibe: you don’t have to associate yourself with the streetwear or the art scene to find a liking in Footurama, as you’ll find yourself spending more time than intended diving into the store’s antique keepsakes, which the majority used to belong to Max Suriaganda, the company’s founder.

Their revamped space fits a bigger section for vinyl players and records (the stock ranges from less popular Bollywood tracks to alt-rock with the likes of Nick Cave) to uncannier and random finds like grotesque kewpie dolls or even old propaganda posters. With Footurama’s inventory of eye-grabbing trinkets, a visit here is bound to surprise. 

As for their vintage garments and local streetwear brands, they are kept nicely in check. A good horde of stand-hangers flaunt dozens of well-kept fashionable garments from popular fashion houses with the likes of Comme des Garçons to Acne Studios. For its enthusiasts, rare shoes and sneakers find their place here too, according to the store’s manager. In fact, if you’re looking to part with your old belongings (but nonetheless valuable), the shop welcomes consignment deals and is more than happy to display and auction the hand-me-downs on its shelves.

Footurama also offers a glimpse into current trends by retailing brand-new goods from local clothing lines, such as Mass Media Murder, Satan’s School for Girls and Footurama’s in-house label, Freeform Fabrication (FFF). There’s also a bigger dedication for local literary works to make their way into the community: from coffee table books to local zines like the much-vaunted Fantaisie Érotique by Jordan Marzuki and printed publications by Further Reading, this ‘book installation’ could be one’s good start into indie finds. 

Footurama continues to sit like an epitome of the youthful lifestyle scene and a testament to the still-standing thrift culture beloved by the city’s youth. And with more room to navigate and occasional pop-ups to check, it’s easy to lose track of time here, and even easier to go home with one or two impulsive purchases you won’t regret the next day.