4th Indoestri Day Continues To Empower Local Brands

by Beata Primana
3rd May 2016
The 4th Indoestri Day returned last weekend with a smattering of activities from Pasar Indoestri to creative workshops aiming at empowering the start-up spirits of local brands. Here's what you've missed on Indoestri Day #4.

Indoestri Day returned for the fourth time and this time the theme, Self Made People, committed itself in empowering the new, innovative and creative local products and designs from a plethora of young creative Indonesians that are slowly finding its way to the attention of the public.

One of the notable features of Indoestri Day was the live demo, which featured craftwork, such as pottery throwing, ukulele constructing and silk screen painting to name a few. Visitors not only had the chance to saunter through the industrial-like space and being exposed to the different pieces and crafts put together by artists, but also the tactile experience that might ensue – to feel, play and even create.

Local craftsmanship is slowly but surely paving its way into the attention of younger generation in  Jakarta, creating a niche community that is accepted, appreciated and most importantly, lauded for their start-up spirits. Indoestri has indeed provided a viable platform for the artistic and creative newcomers, that one day, they might become a significant player in the creative local scene.

Browse through the gallery below to see what you’ve missed in Indoestri Day #4 last weekend.