Living Slow at Indoestri Day 5

by Manual Jakarta
8th December 2016
Indoestri Day returned for its fifth time, bringing forward the spirit of Slow Living through a range of workshops and their highly-anticipated Pasar Indoestri. Here's what went down last weekend.

Indoestri Day returned for the fifth time, bringing forward “Slow Living” as its theme. The event, which was held on the first weekend of December, celebrated the important values of slow living lifestyle through a range of classes and workshop, live demo session, talk show, as well as their highly-anticipated Pasar Indoestri.

Indoestri, which is renowned for its handiwork-focused workshops, took an unexpected step this time by featuring a range of unusual classes that supported the spirit of slow living. Classes such as natural dye, urban farming, herb garden making and Djamu stole the spotlight over the course of the event. Aside from classes, visitors also had the opportunity to observe “Define Slow Living Exhibition”, where a few local artists showcase their own interpretation of slow living through art works.

Likewise, it’s not Indoestri Day without its Pasar Indoestri. The festive market invited a handful of makers, both the newcomers and established ones, such as Herbana, Sukkha Citta and Kana Goods among the few.

Here’s a brief rundown of what went down last weekend.