IKON: An Exhibition on the Archipelago’s Textile Heritage

by Gana Adi
27th January 2016
Focusing on classic Batik and rare tenun from the vast Motherland, IKON presents and showcases 70 pieces of precious textiles, courtesy of collector Sjamsidar Isa, through a compendious exhibition.

IKON showcases 70 pieces of precious and rare textiles from various cultures and provinces in Indonesia that are selected from the treasured private collection of collector Sjamsidar Isa. Created as a tribute to diverse and imaginative textiles from the vast archipelago of Indonesia, the exhibition is a joint collaboration that involved Sjamsidar Isa and renowned local designer Didi Budiardjo, as well as textile researcher Ratna Panggabean.

The highlights of the exhibition include various tenun from regions of Sumba, Sambas, and Wakatobi, where the arts and skills of its very creation are facing the threat of extinction. Elsewhere, visitors are also able to revel in classic batik created by Oey Soe Tjoen, Van Zuylen, Na Swan Hien, and Guruh Soekarno Putra alongside a collection of songket from Palembang that is also equally splendid.


IKON runs from January 25 to February 9 at A Qubicle Center. The exhibition opens on Monday to Friday from 10am-6pm, Saturday from 11am-5pm, and is closed on Sunday and public holidays.

A talkshow, “Dongeng Wastra Nusantara – Setiap Kain Punya Cerita”, will be held on February 4 at 1pm, presenting Sjamsidar Isa, Didi Budiardjo and Ratna Panggabean as the key speakers.


A Qubicle Center

Jl. Senopati No. 79 Jakarta Selatan