I Am Indonesian: Kembalikan Batik Kembali

by Sandy Indahsari
9th May 2017
The third series of Oscar Lawalata’s I Am Indonesian project, Kembalikan Batik Kembali is an exhibition that placed a focus on the enduring beauty of Batik.

Kembalikan Batik Kembali is an exhibition that is part of the I Am Indonesian series initiated by designer Oscar Lawalata. After the success of “100 Perempuan Inspiratif Indonesia” and “100 Pekerja Seni Indonesia”, Kembalikan Batik Kembali aimed to celebrate Batik as a form of national pride.

Held in The Dharmawangsa Hotel, traditional fabrics are installed from the ceiling allowing visitors to appreciate batik from a different angle. But most importantly, the exhibition also aimed to put the spotlight on style of batik that is facing extinction due to the lack of awareness, such as Batik Tanahan, Sogan and Prada.

Now that Batik is officially affirmed by UNESCO under the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, Oscar Lawalata hopes that the art of Batik and other notable Indonesian customs will continue to inspire others to take part in preserving its future narrative.