The Hunting Ground by Hunt Street

by Manual Jakarta
6th July 2015
Newly-launched online shopping platform Hunt Street presented The Hunting Ground, a luxury sales event, on last Saturday. We’ve covered the one-day shopping frenzy for you.

In this modern age of technology, it is, without doubt, more convenient to shop from one’s laptop. By now, we’ve discovered how online shopping is not only simpler than stopping by malls, and moreover, it often has better deals compare to those of physical store’s.

Every year, new online shopping platforms seem to sprout vigorously as they try to bring forth new concepts everyday. Amid the hoard of online shopping sites however, Hunt Street stands out as they offer a fresh idea in the online sphere.

Hunt Street, launched in early 2015, is an online platform where customers can buy new and pre-loved luxury goods. Apart from selling branded goods, it also offers a solution to clear out your wardrobe from unused things. As a part of their launch campaign, Hunt Street brought their entire collection in a one-day sales event at The Fairgrounds on last Saturday. View the coverage below.