Home of Linoluna

by Julius Kensan
17th May 2014
Linoluna provides simple solutions to decorating one's humble abode with beautifully curated items sourced from all over the world.

Most of the time, the solution to decorating a humble compact home doesn’t require a bigger space. While limited space may be the obstacle, the solution often lies in maximising it with the right choice of beautifully designed products.

Michael Hutagalung and Hanna Siahaan faced the same hurdle with their apartment after getting married. Michael said, “We hoped that our apartment would be a little sanctuary of ours but it turned out to be the opposite – tiny rooms, narrow hallway and low ceiling.” As such, the couple decided to take the matters into their own hands and source the products themselves and provide it to those who faced similar problems.

“Hanna loves DIY and crafting with paper too, so we combined home décor and paper goods and the idea of Linoluna surface,” said Michael.

Linoluna is divided into three main categories of products – Home & Décor, Paper Goods and Accessories. All of the store products are rooted in design. In addition, Linoluna take pains to convey to their customers the ideas and the designer/illustrator behind it; the product comes with detailed description complete with the designer’s bio.

All of the products in Linoluna radiate warmth and cosiness thanks to its Scandinavian-inspired design with a nod towards vintage. A quick browse through Linoluna proves that decorating one’s humble abode actually requires as little as hanging art prints on the wall, a neon-coloured cushion on the sofa or even journals on the coffee table.

Currently Linoluna only operates through its online website. The great thing is they accept phone or email orders as well. It may be an online boutique store, but the amount of beautifully curated items on the site means that one will definitely find it hard to stop at just a few clicks.