Gulai Tikungan: The Crowd Puller

by Julius Kensan
30th July 2015
Fondly dubbed as Gulai Tikungan, the street vendors at the intersection of Mahakam Street have been pulling steady streams of crowd with their no-fuss Mutton Curry.

There’s just something gratifyingly reassuring to find out that there is only one dish on the menu. That’s because you know you’re there for one reason only and that you, more or less, share the same enthusiasm about the dish with the stranger sitting next to you.

Of course, any restaurant or café wouldn’t be caught dead featuring only one dish on their menu. That’s why such experience will most likely be found on the street instead. For a prime example, head to the intersection at Mahakam Street near Blok M and you’ll find out that Mutton Curry pretty much rule the turf.

Fondly dubbed as Gulai Tikungan (which literally means the Junction Curry), there are more than five stalls from different vendors, each “carving their own territory” in this intersection. As such, one doesn’t need to worry too much about not being able to get a spot. The mutton curry here is straightforward and uncomplicated; either you have it as it is or pair it with rice.

Since there is more than one stall here, it is recommended to try them out to find which one suits your palate the most. Some of the curry here is more watery and clear while some are thicker and gamier.

Perhaps, the best part of all is that one portion of mutton curry, though small, costs less than IDR 10.000, which would not even leave a dent on your wallet.

The combination of all those reasons above is probably the reason why the intersection of Mahakam Street will remain bustling for a long, long time to come.