Go Eatlah!

by Pingkan Palilingan
12th August 2016
Eatlah's salted egg pleasure has finally invaded South Jakarta with more options like salted egg dory and salted egg bao added to the previously singular menu.

Admit it, by now a conversation about salted egg chicken in Jakarta could never travel far from the word “Eatlah”. That’s just how rapid Eatlah gains traction in this city. It’s only a matter of time for Eatlah before it becomes a byword for salted egg-based dish.

South Jakarta’s Bumi Road with its upmarket housing surroundings is Eatlah’s pick for its second HQ. However, don’t expect it to arrive in the form of restaurant. Eatlah appears to be contented in maintaining its personality as a hawker-styled food stall.

Lodged at the car park of Cyberhair salon, the second stall of Eatlah branches out from their reliable salted egg chicken menu, featuring several more salted egg signatures such as dory fish and bao (Asian-style sandwich). Aside from salted egg selections, you could also opt for their sambal chicken with rice that will hit the spot with those seeking for a significant jolt. To put out the fire, there’s the lemon lime bitter, a winning concoction for an invigorating drink that blends lemon, soda and Angostura bitters (which is often used for cocktails).

Indeed, due to its outdoor location, the best time to visit the stall is some time after 3pm when the sunshine has started to subside. Although there’s the option to have your meal at Cyberhair’s waiting room. Otherwise, it’s recommended to drop by during dinner time where there’s more seating space available if you insist on having them right at the spot. Nevertheless, comfiness aside, anytime is always a good time to dig into Eatlah’s salted egg pleasure.