All the Bright Lights at Future Park

by Vania Evan
8th August 2019
At Future Park exhibition, the innate drive to create and interact are embraced through digital technology where visitors can fully immerse with artworks.

When technology and humans have formed a modern-day symbiosis, how can this relationship enhance how we experience art? Brought by teamLab, a Tokyo-based art collective, Future Park nourishes the relationship between humans and nature through a fusion of artwork and digital technology. 

Adopting a collaborative creation concept, visitors can actively take part in the interactive installations as the artwork reactively engage with human interaction. Soon after you make your way in, you’ll find yourself in a pitch-black room with life-sized animal illustrations walking pass with flowers on their bodies. A sudden urge to pet these animals may creep in and if you do, the flowers gradually scatter away at your touch. The first installation sets the mood of the entire escapade whilst providing a silent commentary of our relationship with animals. 

The largest artwork at Future Park, Grafitti Nature: Lost, Immersed, and Reborn, will jog your memory when primary school science was about understanding the food chain. What’s portrayed here is the ecosystem of the animal kingdom, whereby human intervention, translated through our steps on the animals, affects the kingdom at large. Other installations underscores the same message at large. The Sketch Aquarium, brings the message underwater.

While your eyes are luxuriated with the vibrant visuals, Light Ball Orchestra nods to the idea that art can engage multiple senses. A pleasure to one’s auditory senses is something requisite to boot. In this artwork, your touch could produce melodious sounds together with a change of colors both on the overhead light balls and those rolling on the floor. Altogether, it forms a reverberating orchestra sound. Proceeding to your sensory experience, on Sliding through The Fruit Field artwork, one’s age doesn’t matter and everyone could freely slide down the incline as a way to interact with the artwork that will continuously react to our interference. 

While carrying a poignant message, it’s up to the individual to construct the message behind Future Park. The exhibition’s tangible concept around technology, art, and nature taps into our drive to interact, take part and immerse. 


teamLAB Future Park will be running from June 20th to December 20th 2019 at Gandaria City, 2nd Floor.