Freedom Library: A Bastion of Literature

by Anita Suparta
14th February 2015
Educating yourself through books does not always have to be a ball and a chain. Freedom Library Jakarta injects fun into reading time and helps make this cognitive process as easy as ABC.

It is not surprising if, in the back of our mind, we perceive a library as dull because the books themselves are usually dusty and outdated. That’s why Freedom Library on Jalan Proklamasi is a breakthrough. This edgy building possesses a modern touch that allures scholars of any background.

Here, collections of books are neatly organised and clean from dust and musty old-book smells. All corners of the library are just as snug as a bug in a rug; but if you need to take a quick break, head to the patio and breathe some fresh air before jumping again into this oasis of knowledge.

Founded in 2001, Freedom Library moved to its current location in 2009. Scanning quickly through the library’s interior, one will see pictures of every Indonesian president, past to present. The quotations on the walls hint at its strong focus on politics and social economy, but Freedom Library also contains studies in history, literature, and art. Seventy percent of its collection is in English, and the rest are special gems by legendary Indonesian writers, such as Idrus and H.B Jassin.

Freedom Library understands that an extensive book collection is needed in assisting students in their research or professionals on their current projects. However, the library does not stop with only providing information. It sets its environment to better aid all kinds of visitors. Easily accessible adapters and free wi-fi connection help you have a relaxing and productive time.

Muted atmosphere is held in high esteem here. It is pleasing to see how all members adhere to proper library conduct and keep the volume low. Selfies and chatters are highly discouraged, obviously. Depending on your urgency, you can choose to read with less distraction in one of the cubicles, spill out your laptop and piles of books on a bigger table, or relax on the comfortable couches. Whatever your agenda, the subdued and calm environment in Freedom Library perfectly serves its noble purpose.

If it has been a long time since your last visit to an intellectually stimulating place, do yourself a favor and walk over to Freedom Library. Don’t burden yourself with expectations, but let your curiosities be aroused with a new title or genre you have yet to explore. Who knows, you might just find yourself diving into a fresh literary experience and therefore, celebrating the freedom to read in Everyone’s University, the library.


Freedom Library Jakarta

Jl. Proklamasi No. 41, Menteng

tel: +62 21 3100349


Operation Hour:

Mon-Fri: 9am-8pm

Sat: 10am-5pm

Sun: Closed