Flirting Taboo with Potatoo

by Julius Kensan
21st July 2014
Temporary tattoo label, Potatoo offers a riveting option to the usual accessories with fresh and quirky designs.

Getting tattoo(s) is, no doubt, a decision that last for a lifetime. For some, it requires months of planning and research while for the rest, it is a spontaneous decision made in the spur of the moment. As such, whether it turns out good or bad, tattoo is a medium where one gets to imprint their experience, however personal, onto themselves.

But for the rest who aren’t able to pledge to the lifelong commitment of having a tattoo yet, Potatoo is there for you. Potatoo – a temporary tattoo label, with its various designs, caters to all gender with fun in its mind. This is the kind of tattoo that will amuse and put a smile instead of serving as an intimidation.

Potatoo also serves as a good starting point before getting permanent tattoo – experiment them on your desired body parts first to avoid disappointment. There are classic designs such as roses and feather, but for a contemporary twist, opt for origami birds, paper plane and lego. It is hard to resist putting on just one design. As such, if you’re looking to make a statement, slap them on generously across your skin.

Those who are looking for customised design for special occasion, say, bachelorette party can turn to Potatoo for request. The latter service can be done with a minimum order.

Now that the taboo of getting tattoo is breaking down by the minute, Potatoo allows one to experiment with tattoos like never before. It may not be the real one but Potatoo is not concern with being a “fake” because it is, first and foremost, all about fun.