A Glimpse of the Future at EXI(S)T 2017

by Beata Primana
19th May 2017
EXI(S)T 2017 exhibition, Tomorrow As We Know It shows what the future may hold through the eyes of 15 local artists.

Galeri Nasional, in collaboration with Dia.Lo.Gue artspace, is holding an exhibition, EXI(S)T 2017 with the theme of “Tomorrow As We Know It”. The exhibition features 15 young local artists and talents, such as Sarita IbnoeDhanny Sanjaya, and Rianti Gautama, to showcase unique interpretations about the future through their artistic lens.

EXI(S)T is originally a creative incubation platform for young Indonesian talents to further maximize their opportunities of channeling their creativity and passion in art forms. Founded by Hermawan Tanzil and FX Harsono, the program has run for nearly five years.

Each Indonesian artist is given the freedom to showcase their thoughts and interpretations about the future in various forms and mediums, albeit contrasting in stories and backgrounds.

Visitors could find themselves face to face with  installations and artwork that focus on gender norms in EXI(S)T 2017. Artists convey their emotions through performative drawing, artistic performance and even interactive medium that portray the human habits and their precarious mental state, as others probe satires motifs in religion, cultural boundaries and sci-fi.

The exhibition has been a great milestone for EXI(S)T itself as it hopes to further appraise local talents and place significance to the ever-bourgeoning arts industry in the country.

EXI(S)T 2017: Tomorrow As We Know It will run until June 5th from 10am-6pm at Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Building B & D. Closed on National Holiday.