Ethnicraft: There’s No Place like Home

by Julius Kensan
5th August 2015
Ethnicraft conjures up an elegant vision of home with their sophisticated furniture made from oak, walnut and teak wood. You wish your home could, at least, look half as good.

A person can have many dreams. A dream job, car or partner. But none of them is, perhaps, as important when compared to one’s dream home. After all, the right home is the basic foundation where all your dreams are built upon and take-off.

And what makes up a dream home? Other than your loved ones, on top of the list are definitely the furnishings. If you’re the kind whom sticks closely to the old adage “Less Is More”, then Ethnicraft will give you plenty of reasons to rejoice.

Started 20 years ago, this Belgian company has been embellishing the homes of the smart and discerning individuals with their high-quality furniture made from solid wood. There’s nothing flamboyant or showy about Ethnicraft’s furniture, which is good, because it allows viewers to pay closer attention to the details of the products.

Indeed, the devil is in the details when it comes to Ethnicraft, like the N Lounge Chair where the elegant chair made from slender pieces of wood is slightly tilted at an angle to boost comfort or the M Rack where its tetris-like arrangement provides various exciting possibilities of its functionalities.

Apart from oak and walnut, most of the furniture is made from teak wood and one can always count on the good ol’ timeless beauty of a wood to add sophistication to any room. Plus, the fact that all products come with a lifetime warranty means they are built to last.

Ethnicraft also carries other brands, both local and international, to complement their products. There is Svas Living with their home goods made from hand-weave traditional tenun fabric and Universo Positivo where the latter’s products injects a twist of fun into everyday multi-functional products.

Still, the charm of Ethnicraft is not the kind that can be described with a thousand words. Simply walk into their showroom and you’d be wishing you’d step into your own home instead. You wish your home could, at least, look half as good.