The Home Elements

by Audrey Karina
24th February 2016
Think of motorcycle helmet in rattan and wooden cover for fridge, such is Elements’ commitment in introducing a fun, modern twist to conventional home and lifestyle products.

Established in the early 2015, Elements started with just a handful of selected locally-made furniture on display. Fast-forward to 2016, it now carries a broad range of products such as minimalist rattan, teak wood and leather furniture alongside modern home decor items.

Founder Bastiaan Spil shares that he always knew he had an affinity for something quirky and overtly fun. Like any good, sensible entrepreneur, it did not take long for Bastiaan to leverage his parents’ furniture manufacturing facilities in Cirebon and Jepara. Summing up his designs in Dutch, he describes his craft as steering away from ‘Poes Pas’- a term meaning excessive details.

To wit, their Motorbike Helmet series created with rattan perfectly exemplifies Elements’ conviction in injecting playfulness and unexpected elements into daily objects. Such unconventional approach underscores Bastiaan’s desire to instill new possibilities onto traditional raw materials.

With its high ceilings and blends of different textures and wood furnishings, the store gives off an air of warmth that one would expect from a dream home. The generous light streaming in through the floor-to-ceiling windows allow customers to appreciate these products in greater details.

To date, Bastiaan has also had successful collaborations with the renowned Potato Head establishment in Bali, as well as various interior projects for lifestyle ventures in Jakarta.

Elements may barely be a year old, but given its commitment to introduce new perspectives at conventional home products, it certainly has the right to celebrate their achievements and deservedly so.