Easter Egg Jelly Recipe

by Julius Kensan
18th April 2014
Easter egg chocolate is cute but Easter egg jelly is better. Here's a quick recipe on how to make some of these adorable holiday treats.

The custom of Easter egg dates back to centuries ago and is regarded as a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus, though these days they are often synonymous with Easter thanks to the tradition of egg hunt.

For Easter this year, why not break the tradition a little and swap those eggs in favour of jelly instead of chocolate. Plus, it also serves as adorable treats to combat the hot sunny weather of Jakarta.

We share with you an easy and quick recipe on how to make Easter egg jelly on your own. Of course, needless to say, they are not suitable for the egg hunt.



  • A dozen of eggs
  • 1 Jelly Powder Sachet
  • 1 Fruity acid sachet
  • 200g of Sugar
  • 700ml of water



1. Gently knock the top part of the egg and peel a small amount of the shell away.

2. Empty the content of the egg.

3. Carefully pour water into the eggshell to clean it.

4. Put it aside to dry.

5. Pour Jelly powder and sugar in a Pan.

6. Mix them with water.

7. Gently stirring it while bringing the mixture to boil.

8. Let it cool for three minutes.

9. Add in fruity acid and mix them evenly.

10. Pour the jelly into the eggshell.

11. Make sure not to fill it to the brim.

12. Place the eggs into the fridge to cool.


Note: Don’t waste the content of the eggs! Use them to prepare omelette for a quick breakfast instead of throwing it away.