Dia.Lo.Gue Smart Dialogue #10: Seek-A-Seek Exhibition

by Beata Primana
23rd May 2016
The tenth instalment of Dia.Lo.Gue Smart Dialogue features an exhibition that puts the spotlight on the diverse works of graphic design by local creative minds. Here's what you've missed on the festivity last weekend.

Designs or any forms, shapes, sizes and mediums play an integral part in our lives – the logos on takeaway coffee cups, illustration covers on your favourite books to the website layouts which we browse on daily basis.

In an effort to showcase these works, Dia.Lo.Gue’s Smart Dialogue #10: Seek-A-Seek aimed to celebrate these, often undervalued, yet significant collective effort made by the local creative minds, especially the Graphic Designers.With more than 70 local designers and studios curated, the exhibition gave us a glimpse of the work and projects that were part of a painstaking journey and hard work of these creative souls.

The exhibition features different sections that allow visitors to experience the showcase in various different ways. A white wall near the entrance filled with varied assemblage 0f sketches, diaries and sketchbooks, postcards, lights, posters and the likes, would appear as a giant artistic collage. These different elements are sources of inspiration to the designers hence the name, Wall of Element. While the ‘Editorial’ Room allows visitors to peruse and flip through published works and books that were carefully designed and conceptualised.

Other different design disciplines were showcased, where the outdoor space exhibits the different types and typographies designed as a means of visualising and translating a client or a person’s identity. Another space showcased the other elements of designs such as branding, packaging and logo – a fundamental part of a product or service.

Throughout the weekend, the exhibition was also filled with engaging programs, such as Pasar Seni, a bazaar filled with artistic goods ranging from prints, clothing, ceramics and small bites from tenants with a background in Graphic Design. Guests were also engaged with an array of creative workshops as well as live performances.

Although some programs ended last Sunday, May 22nd, the exhibition, which is in collaboration with Bekraf (Badan Ekonomi Kreatif), ADGI (Asosiasi Desain Grafis Indonesia) and DGI (Desain Grafis Indonesia), will run until the 12th of June.


Flick through our gallery and take a look of what you might have missed on Seek-A-Seek!