Cipete 9: A Celebration of Home

by Candy Anthrasal
28th July 2015
Cipete 9 makes interior errands a pleasure with curated products and intimate installations from local labels, such as Motiff Made and Kekayuan.

In a glimpse, Cipete Raya Street is often celebrated for its string of favourite restaurants that appeases to different kinds of cravings. But it’s not just all about the food. Cipete 9, a homeware/furniture showroom, has managed to maintain a low profile over the years even in the bustling street of Cipete Raya.

Within walking distance to its neighbour Sophie Authentique, Cipete 9 itself is a collaborative concept effort from local brands that includes Motiff Living, Motiff Made, Tre Studio and Kekayuan. While these labels differ from one another to a certain degree, they are united through their vision to create refined home products from scratch by local artisans.

Motiff Living was initiated in 2010 where it focused on basic interior components, such as floorings and wallpaper, before introducing its sister label Motiff Made that offers minimally-designed home ware products like a set of ash mugs and hand-webbed cushion that could easily fit into a range of interior styles.

Tre Studio and Kekayuan’s products round off the experience in Cipete 9. Be sure to check out their delightful irregularly shaped wooden furniture on your visit.

Still, even with all the products from different labels in one place, it’s easy to immerse yourself into the mood that the products transmit thanks to the fact that they are tastefully arranged into an intimate composition.

It is certainly a pleasure when interior errands are made effective with curated products and installations being set to fix the needs. Coming empty-handed and returning plenty-handed is most likely inevitable once you lay your eyes on the ideal home this showroom/store portrays.