Warm and Comforting Bubur Barito

by Julius Kensan
11th June 2014
Bubur Ayam Barito proves to be a staple comfort food on a busy intersection of Gandaria Street.

Unlike restaurants and cafes, street food doesn’t have the luxury of putting up a conceptual front. There is only one sure way to survive and that is to deliver good food all the time. But that’s also the best part of street food. It will always be famous for the right reason.

Located along the stretch of Gandaria Street, Bubur Ayam Barito is situated among the long strip of street food stalls. Not that it has to worry about the competition from the rest for Bubur Ayam Barito is so popular that it is the only stall with constant (and overflowing) patrons. It may just be a small stall with few tables and chairs but the number of servers very well reflect the busyness of this establishment.

The chicken porridge is served with generous amounts of shredded chicken, cakwe (fried dough), eggs and cheese sticks. It resulted in elaborate and layered flavours – just when you taste the sweetness of the chicken, it is soon juxtaposed by the salty cakwe. The addition of cheese sticks may seem like a novelty but it surprisingly works better than the usual crackers.

Like any famous street food in Jakarta, it is always recommended to visit early, unless you are feeling lucky.