Bakmi Orpa: Everyone’s Favourite

by Julius Kensan
4th March 2015
When it comes to Bakmi, everyone definitely has his or her own favourite. But it’s safe to say that fans of Bakmi, most likely, will agree that Bakmi Orpa serves one of the best Bakmi in Jakarta.

Located in Kota Tua, Bakmi Orpa is almost unnoticeable if you aren’t looking closely as it lodged itself amidst a row of identical shop houses. Inside, it is as modest as any Bakmi establishment can be – plastic chairs and tables, sparsely decorated walls and servers taking orders without the need of jotting down any notes.

The permutations of Bakmi can seem endless here. There are Bakmi (noodle), Kwetiaw (flat noodle), Bihun (vermicelli) and Misua (glass noodle) to choose from. And then there are the options of chicken or pork, or both, or maybe you would like to have chicken meat mixed with meatballs. Still, as confusing as it can be, rest assured that any order would most likely to be a satisfying meal.

Apart from good ol’ Bakmi, the establishment also offers delicious side dishes like Lumpia (fried spring roll) and pangsit (wonton).

For some, it is, perhaps, one of the most expensive Bakmi in Jakarta. Be prepared to shell out close to Rp. 100.000 a person here. And as if to further demonstrate just how popular the Bakmi is, the establishment closes early every day at 3pm.

That’s why it is advisable to visit Bakmi Orpa early to avoid disappointment. While the thought of travelling all the way to Kota Tua may seem like a chore, be reminded that some of Jakarta’s well-loved museums (Fatahillah Museum and Museum Keramik dan Seni Rupa) are located there. So after filling your tummy with Bakmi Orpa, take the chance to immerse yourself in the charm of Kota Tua to round off this culinary trip.