Morning at Bakmi Ami

by Julius Kensan
9th November 2017
Bakmi Ami keeps it simple and consistent with chicken bakmi in the company of pork wonton and fried meatballs that are guaranteed to get you hooked.

It may not make much sense to spend hours on the road just to get your hands on your favourite food, especially in a traffic-laden city like Jakarta. Logically, the location of Bakmi Ami should have been a put-off. Hidden behind a wet market in a dull neighbourhood beside Pantai Indah Kapuk, first timer will find it a challenge to locate Bakmi Ami. Not to mention that once you drove past the market, be prepared for an arduous U-turn ahead.

Still, it’s easy to overlook such obstacle once you dig into their famous bakmi. Here, the choice is clear as it only comes with the option of shredded chicken meat. But for all the pork lovers out there, don’t despair, because you’ll get the chance to pair your bakmi with their pork wonton and fried pork meatballs. In fact, they are so good that don’t be surprise to find diners chomping down on those alone.

Apart from the memorable food, it is the atmosphere that rounds off the experience in Bakmi Ami. Resembling an oversized sheltered kiosk, tables are arranged close to each other, overlooking the open kitchen. Owner makes noodle from scratch. Hot steam billows from the pot. Occasional breeze streams in through the wall nets.

With years of experience under their belt, rest assured that the taste would remain consistent throughout your visits. And even though the superb food got you hooked, it’s ultimately the low key and affable atmosphere that keeps you returning for more.