Eight within 8KM of ARTOTEL Wahid Hasyim: A Staycation Guide to the City

by Erdira Wirengjurit
12th April 2019
Plan a worthwhile and rewarding city getaway: In collaboration with the newly-established ARTOTEL in Wahid Hasyim, we've listed down eight culturally-engaging spots to include on your next staycation in Jakarta that are within accessible kilometres of your stay.

The appetite to make the most out of the little time we have for breaks is growing among the younger populace, which is why staycations in the city are increasingly desired. Apart for the chance to unwind, the time can be spent to re-bond with the city we’ve called home but rarely explored; to experience the city from the eyes of an outsider. Yet, a cloud of perplexity easily drags over at the thought of staycation-ing in Jakarta where its many points of attraction are stretched out far from one to another. But like many guides and tips to staycations stipulate, setting the ideal location is key to planning a city getaway that is worthwhile and rewarding.

In partnership with ARTOTEL in Wahid Hasyim, we’ve compiled a list eight of culturally engaging spots to frequent within eight accessible kilometers of the newly established hotel in Central Jakarta. For the lifestyle enthusiasts and culture vultures checking-in, perhaps this list can inspire your next staycation in the city.


  1. Jalan Sabang – 750 m

Delectable food in Jakarta isn’t exclusive to upscale establishments, for the city’s street food culture is a serious affair that dates a long while back. Jalan Sabang in Menteng is among the OG spots for culinary tourism; in fact, some of Jakarta’s well-known street delights were born in this strip of road. It’s bustling with business by day and brimming with rows of street food by night, indulgent with legendary satays, fried rice, sea food and soto, just to name a few, as the neighbourhood’s most attractive attributes.


  1. Jeda Wellnest – 1.2 km

A mood-altering staycation is also about the journey of self-care by finding new activities to invest yourself in. Therefore, a wellness centre like Jeda Wellnest is an ideal spot for those who have been curious about the healthy lifestyle but never found the right time to dive in. Explore the different workout classes and day-long workshops that will help you gain a new understanding of your wellbeing with yoga, pilates, healing therapies and cooking classes, among many others. Furthermore, you may be in luck of finding a new community to be a part of.


  1. Museum Tekstil – 1.3 km

Museum Tekstil Jakarta is a dedicated home to the nation’s textiles. The museum showcases meters upon meters of a textile artistry that’s exclusively ours to be proud of; from batik to traditional weaving, each thread plays toward the preservation of this world-renowned heritage. A trip down to the museum will court you to an entrancing little compound of antiquated buildings reminiscent of the colonial era. It’s an invaluable trip to shed a light on the intangible value of this craftmanship whilst discovering this familiar (or newfound) admiration for fabrics rich in history.


  1. Museum Nasional – 1.4 km

Perhaps your last trip to Museum Nasional was the uninspiring school field trip in secondary school, so how much thought did you sincerely give to the vast collection of Indonesian artifacts? Indonesia’s largest museum displays the nation’s history through collections upon collections of archeological and ethnological finds. Pale in comparison to grander museums around the world, yet only this one houses so much Indonesian heritage under one roof. Maybe this time around, you would find yourself absorbing the knowledge much more attentively.


  1. Galeri Nasional – 2.3 km

The country’s house of fine arts is a haven for its enthusiasts, but one doesn’t have to be an appreciator to soak in the experience either. Over their permanent and temporary exhibitions, there’s a soothing aspect to walk a gallery and let the visual cues of an artwork play to your imagination – a refresher that adds points to your staycation. The National Gallery doesn’t fail to celebrate old-time and young artists of different stylistic expressions, which makes it a versatile destination  for art enthusiasts or those who are simply curious.


  1. Taman Ismail Marzuki – 2.5 km

Taman Ismail Marzuki easily appeals to the creative spirit. The complex is a landmark of Indonesian culture and arts with the myriad of scheduled programmes happening throughout the year, such as art exhibitions, creative seminars, concerts and theatrical plays. To have one’s work exhibited in this institution is a rite of passage to many of the country’s most renowned artists, thus it’s a place to get acquainted with Indonesia’s trends and developments in the realm of art. Other mind-like institutions are housed here, namely Kineforum (Jakarta Arts Council’s micro-cinema programme for films and its discussions) and the Jakarta Institute of Arts to nurture the experience even more.


  1. Shophaus Menteng – 2.8 km

If fine foods, sweet treats and sessions of pampering call your name, then a stop at Shophaus in Menteng would be quintessential. This lifestyle hub in the centre of Jakarta is home to a handful of establishments at the service of the bon-vivants. There’s a big chance that anyone would find their fit; from sweet delights like gelato and pastries to casual dining and delectable coffee, these establishments mingle under one roof along with beauty parlours to finish off (or start) the day on a high note.


  1. Komplek Gelora Bung Karno – 5.6 km

With the grand renovations preceding the 2018 Asian Games, the comfort of this sports complex makes it among the few safe and pleasant public spaces that folks can finally enjoy. From date walks with a significant other to therapeutic people-watching (an added bonus if athletes are training), the experience is rewarding like how staycations are meant to be. This little trip gets better at night: the view of SCBD’s skyscrapers lit in thousand lights is the visual epitome of a bustling metropolis that will instill you the desire to make it big in the capital city.