The Annual Treat from Art Jakarta 2019

by Erdira Wirengjurit
31st August 2019
Back for its annual grand art fair this weekend, Art Jakarta 2019 is showing a new grandeur as the biggest contemporary and fine arts fair in Southeast Asia to the delight of art appreciators and collectors around.

If you’re still wondering how to spend your weekend in quality, the biggest art fair in Indonesia should be on the top of your list. Happening over the weekend of August 31st until September 1st at JCC Senayan, Art Jakarta 2019 will have you spellbound.

For their 11th running year exhibiting contemporary art, this year’s Art Jakarta is presented bigger to anchor the statement that fine arts has and will always have its place among the crowd in Jakarta, making Indonesia among the centres for fine arts and its development throughout Southeast Asia.

From paintings to special installations, the exhibition isn’t short of the grandeur it has stood for. To wit, the main programme, Art Jakarta Gallery, hosts 70 local and international galleries for the exhibition. Some names, like ROH Projects, RUCI Art Space, and Art:1 might be familiar ones you’ve heard and frequented every so often, as they’re all based in Jakarta. With that said, this year’s fair is a prime place to be familiar with a number of art galleries and collectives with a notable presence in the realm of fine arts. And likewise, it’s also the time to get familiar with the numerous local fine arts artists who made it into Art Jakarta, such as Natasha Tontey, Agan Harahap and Eko Nugroho.

Other programmes are in schedule for this weekend. One of them Art Jakarta Talk with scheduled talk shows where artists discuss topics surrounding the art scene, and ART_UNLTD in partnership with Badan Ekonomi Kreatif (Bekraf) Indonesia for a small market and platform for emerging Indonesian artists to showcase their brands to visitors.

More than just a picture-worthy event, this is the place to listen to inner artistic impulses. From gallery to gallery, the thousands upon thousands of artworks by a myriad of fine arts artists are bound to waken all sorts of creative sensitivities planted in. There’s no exhaust to witnessing the collection of artistic creations showcased at the fair. The new Art Jakarta logo even speaks for itself: this year’s fair offers a fresher take and brings the annual exhibition to new heights. This year’s fair is a treat to the eyes and mind alike.


Art Jakarta 2019 is ongoing until September 1st, 2019 at JCC Senayan from 1pm until 9pm. For more info, head to