Archipelago Festival 2017

by Manual Jakarta
17th October 2017
The first Archipelago Festival kicked off last Saturday, where it brought together music conference and performances from international and local acts such as Afrikan Boy, Senyawa and Onar.

Last weekend, over at Soehanna Hall in The Energy Building, the first ever Archipelago Festival kicked off and brought together established and emerging underground musicians to the stage. Festival goers got the chance to witness not only local acts, such as the experimental music from Senyawa and the hip hop collective Onar, but also the delirious sound of British grime rapper Afrikan Boy, alternative indie band We Are Imaginary from The Philippines and Ramayan from Malaysia.

Apart from music performance, Archipelago Festival’s aim is to provide a conducive platform for figures from the music industry to share their knowledge as well as for aspiring musicians to voice out their opinions and concerns. The festival gathered noted individuals, such as Guruh Soekarno Putra, Yockie Suryo Putra, Dipha Barus and Andien, to discuss and explore topics that ranged from merchandising, music venues to even the importance of digital presence.

It was a festival that focused not only on good times but also unveiling the complex inner workings of the music industry. Archipelago Festival clearly recognised that a healthy music industry requires not just music itself but also an ecosystem where all players can come together and fulfil their respective roles. No doubt the next instalment is going to run in the same vein and you can expect Archipelago Festival to continue its role in bridging the gap between the industry players and music enthusiasts.