All Dogs Matter at Pooch Party

by Manual Jakarta
24th August 2016
Held in Caswell's last weekend, Pooch Party offered the chance for dog-enthusiasts to support canine-related projects and bond over their love of dogs. Here's what you've missed from the event.

Pooch Party, a charity event dedicated for dogs, kicked off its first event last weekend in Caswell’s Coffee, much to dog lovers’ enthusiasm.

The event, which was organised by Kopi Keliling as a part of their fifth annual fundraising program called ACT, went on for two days to raise funds for two canine-related projects: dog shelter construction for Garda Satwa Indonesia, a local animal shelter, and the pilot project of Traveling Richie, a web-based animated series that documents the live of a dog and its owner.

The event also offered up the opportunity for local artists to showcase their works through an exhibition titled All Dogs Matter, as well as a mini pop-up market organised by the famed Catalyst Art Market.

Not only that – visitors also got the rare chance to bring their pets along to immerse themselves in the activities (dog community meet up, talk shows and workshops, to mention a few) and enjoy bonding sessions at Caswell’s spacious dog-friendly park.

Browse through the gallery below to see what you’ve missed from the event.