AEDI: The Ten Years of Passions Exhibition

by Julius Kensan
29th March 2014
A closer look on the exhibition that celebrates the works of product designers, locally and internationally, and of course, AEDI's tenth anniversary.

It’s not often that a brand gets to celebrate ten years anniversary. But when one does, it goes on to demonstrate the brand’s commitment to consistently maintain its innovations and standards.

Headed by Principal Designer, Eko Priharseno, AEDI is a combination of interior design studio and boutique for retail furniture based in Jakarta. The anniversary also serves as a platform to celebrate the design projects that AEDI has achieved over the decade.

Still, rather than focusing solely on AEDI itself, the brand took the chance to share the love by holding an exhibition that showcased the local talents – like Gladys Angelina and KAR Jewellery as well as international talents – such as Jakkapun Charinrattana and O-D-A from Thailand, with a focus on interior design products. As such, the exhibition successfully drove the point home on AEDI’s passion for designs and ideas.

Here’s to another ten years.