A Life with L.O.F

by Jonathan Tjia
12th July 2016
Lots of Flowers (L.O.F.) provides an immersive experience when it comes to buying plants, and redefines the role they have in daily lives.

At the corner of a small street in Cipete resides a large white building adorned by lush plants creeping its every visible corner. The structure, which is quite a spectacle compared to its subtler neighbours, is home to Lots of Flowers (L.O.F), a contemporary florist that seeks to affect you with the charming idea of living amongst plants and flowers.

The establishment’s subscription program, which provides a fresh batch of flowers to homes or offices every week (or two), is a testament to this particular endeavour.

More importantly, the founder, Kitty Manu understands that the value of a gift, be it for others or oneself, is enhanced where personalisations are made possible. Hence, it should come as no surprise if the experience of purchasing a plant in L.O.F quickly turns into an arts and craft session: clients select which flowers or plants (cactus or tillandsia) fascinate them, before channelling their creativity to adorn their choice of plant’s flowerpot (wrapping paper or paper cup) with a variety of patterned Japanese masking tapes.

Moreover, this spirit of fun experimentation is accompanied by a motivation to introduce L.O.F as an informal communal space aside from its role as a house of plants.

Ever so regularly, the enclave hosts craft classes titled “Living Playdates” where guests partake in creative activities such as weaving. And works are in the pipeline to turn the space into an informal co-working space, where anyone can drop by to work, while simultaneously enjoying the company of greenery surrounding them.

L.O.F reassures one that caring for plants provides a certain excitement like no other. With a dash of creativity and a few masking tapes, it’s likely you will be hooked by L.O.F (and perhaps, walking out of the place with a plant or two in hand).