18th September 2018
Encased in a quaint glasshouse complete with a large backyard, the Bintaro-based YAMALU invites visitors to shy away from the city's frenzy, accompanied with coffee and delicious grub.

Come to think of all the coffee shops in the city, the number of places you can go to pick up your daily dose of caffeine can be rather disorienting. However, quaint establishments like Yamalu with its bona fide charm simply gives a reason to keep you on the hunt. Spotted in the back garden of a quiet housing in Bintaro, Yamalu is luring the people of the city to come over and mellow out to its very modest and easy atmosphere.

A step into the garden, and you are welcomed by a single glasshouse where the smell of coffee comes wafting out, guiding your steps towards the sunlit venue where the calm and collected ambience is easily inviting to loosen up with few fares. It’s a thrill for laid-back diners, for Yamalu offers just enough to keep one sated without the hassle to pick through unnecessarily lengthy menus.

The brunch aficionado will find pleasure in gobbling up The Scrumptious Sunrise; jammed with toast, scrambled eggs and other juicy nibbles alongside the meal, the plate is everything right to start the day. Still and all, if you opt for an easy luncheon in the midst of your daily schemes, Yamalu’s specialised Lemon Chicken Risotto will flatter you with its creamy and savory delight with a fresh aftertaste. For those who’d prefer to stay with the classic, do try their Tuna Aglio e Olio.

For drinks, well, it’s needless to say that Yamalu is well-versed in the coffee domain. Find your all-time espresso beverage, but excite your day with the café’s quirky version of es kopi susu, the Yamalu Fix, where each cup comes with a personal added twist from the barista who makes it for you. Got a favourite blend? the Yamalu folks are happy to fix you a cup, and don’t hesitate to share.

Through the looking glass, the outdoor wooden seating area is lush with greeneries backdropped against a spacious garden, thus offering a livelier vibe for families to linger. Rest assured, wherever you pick your spot, it’s bound to be a steal anyway. Yamalu is fittingly a place to shy away from the city’s too-lively buzz, but certainly don’t shy away your presence here.