5th July 2014
Yamakawa takes humble and traditional rattan and transform it into contemporary and world-class furniture.

A space is defined by its interior, where the characteristics are reflected through what’s within. Urban dwellers of Jakarta, who appreciate contemporary design grounded in traditional approach, can rejoice in local Japanese furniture brand, Yamakawa. The brand provides a quality option for those who are looking for natural yet sleek pieces to complement and (or) elevate their home.

Founded by designer Yuzuru Yamakawa, the furniture brand also collaborates with designers hailing from countries such as Denmark, or Indonesia. In addition, a number of well-known hotels and bars in Jakarta have also turn to Yamakawa to enhance their interior.

Why Rattan? It’s raw and natural. Plus the material gives off a timeless, elegant look. Indonesia holds 85% of the rattan production in the world. Fittingly, Yamakawa’s factory is located in Cirebon, a small town located in South Java, where the rattan products are shipped worldwide.

To glance at their wide selection of furniture and appreciate these pieces better, it is recommended to stop by Yamakawa’s Kemang showroom. The showroom perfectly nails down Yamakawa’s characteristics – clean & elegant without neglecting warmth. The furniture – from tables, to sofas and lounge seats, are tastefully displayed side by side in the store, with some hung inside glass cubes on the store’s ceiling. Otherwise, simply browse through their catalog. If you should stumble upon a certain piece that interests you, simply make a phone call to Yamakawa to confirm details and pricing.

Having a world-class furniture brand manufactured and made available in our very own city certainly adds to our options. Now, adding traditional yet contemporary furniture to your space has just gotten easier with Yamakawa Rattan’s selections.