Saung Bandung Wedang Ronde

1st February 2017
There are many ways to warm a cold night: a hug, a cup of hot cocoa, a shot of whiskey, and then there’s wedang ronde.

Once the sky has rained to its heart’s content and the temperature dropped to the point of snuggly sweater weather, it feels appropriate to veer towards something warm. And if you’re counting on traditional light meal to warm the cockles of your heart, you can’t look past the dependable wedang ronde.

Located in the neighbourhood of Puri Indah, Saung Bandung is well-known for serving up a variety of wedang ronde. While many are accustomed to the original style, a mix of plain glutinous rice balls and the latter stuffed with peanut paste in a bowl of ginger soup, Saung Bandung adds a few tricks up its sleeve with flavours, such as brown sugar and coffee, which tastes similar to the famous Kopiko candy.

A serving of simple wedang ronde in Saung Bandung can easily turn into a fulfilling meal itself as you can help yourself to additional toppings of peanuts and bread. Of course, it is also more fun to try out all the flavours, especially when you’re visiting with friends.

It’s not often that Jakarta get to enjoy chilly weather, but when it does, it feels right to savour the breeze along with wedang ronde for sure.