Warung Bakmi MPEK TJOEN

29th May 2019
Expect a feel-good bowl of bakmi at Warung Bakmi MPEK TJOEN, Javanegra’s latest venture that also takes on other crowd-pleasing comfort food with pocket friendly prices.

By now, many should be familiar with the Javanegra group. Whether it’s Spanishlocal soulfood or fine dining, you’d be well-off with a good experience at any of their establishments. Still, don’t confine Javanegra to only serve gourmet food for epicureans. In fact, their take on the humble bakmie at their latest venture, Warung Bakmi MPEK TJOEN, is anything but.

Luckily for those in South Jakarta, you’re in for a treat with MPEK TJOEN. Designed by Javanegra’s founder and head chef, Andrea Peresthu, the restaurant’s modern rustic interior may look far from a typical bakmi joint, yet only the feel-good kind of bakmi is served here.

At MPEK TJOEN, everything is house-made, including the noodles that come in three different thickness for your preference (thin, medium and thick). Then, imagine all your classic bakmi condiments, and Mpek Tjoen has them all; from the classic diced chicken mushroom, bakso (meatballs) and pangsit, all the favourites are there to top off your bowl. And like in any bakmi kiosk, the meal here is best enjoyed with a side of crispy Pangsit Goreng to share and not to mention, a glass of a fresh Jeruk Kalimantan.

Though bakmi is all the rage here, AM visits definitely call for their Roti Srikaya for a morning grub. Complete with a soft-boiled egg on the side  and a morning cuppa’, this traditional breakfast spread would have you prepped for the day. Indeed, the restaurant gravitates towards serving classic comfort food without breaking the bank.

That being said, the restaurant simply houses everyone; from corporate workers during their lunch break to a complete family affair during the weekend. After all, a heartwarming bowl is best enjoyed with an equally warm company. It’s for sure a crowd-pleaser that Javanegra aced with flying colours.