Walking Drums

10th March 2016
Located next to a sports hub, Walking Drums pulls crowds with its laid-back atmosphere, making it an ideal place to wind down on a lazy day.

The Walking Drums easily draws attention, from cyclists and white-collar workers to students from the nearby schools, thanks to the relaxed vibe that it radiates even from the outside. The name took a leaf from the resounding sounds made by empty containers when it is drummed, echoing the mighty sound of drums, a symbol for the establishment’s dynamic ethos.

Step into the Walking Drums with the mentality of giving yourself a treat, as you will find none of that whole-grain muffins or fruit-bowls.  Their buttery, crispy pizza has a pastry consistency and comes with toppings ranging from classic marinara to quattro formaggi (mozzarella, parmesan, ementhal and gorgonzola cheese) that is perfect for cheese lovers. Sharing pizza with your friends may be the typical ritual, but you would hanker to have the crispy pizza all to yourself after one bite.

Their signature pao sandwiches come in various international cooking styles. There are options such as Korean (boneless beef ribs marinated with kalbi sauce with side of kimchi salad) and Vietnamese (lemon grass chicken with side of pickled carrot and daikon) styles. Aside from their international fare, they also serve classic local dishes like Nasi Goreng Ijo (green fried rice) and Sop Buntut (oxtail soup). Coffee wise, Gordi, a local coffee subscription company that delivers coffee beans curated from local micro-roasteries, supplies the coffee beans here.

The dining experience takes place in a repurposed container, which has been outfitted with rusty perforated steel, giving it an industrial feel. Even with constant whirring from vehicles on the adjacent roads, the refreshing breeze at the outdoor seating more than make up for the unwanted background noise.

For those of you who cannot sit still, Walking Drums is conveniently located next to a sports hub for tennis and futsal, which also makes for a great way to end your day on a lazy weekend.