Vong Kitchen

10th April 2018
Vong Kitchen is a strong contender for other restaurants in the Central Business District with their swift service and well-executed western-asian menu.

“Don’t judge the book by its cover” is something that we’d like to remind ourselves when we come across dull-looking restaurants. But the same applies to upscale establishment like Vong Kitchen too. It’s not that the quality of the food doesn’t match up to its facade. Rather, one mustn’t dismiss Vong Kitchen as just another expensive restaurant within the Central Business District.

Nestled in a corner of the up-and-coming Alila Hotel, Vong Kitchen is established by the famous Jean-Georges Vongerichten. The celebrated chef is no longer an unfamiliar name within the culinary scene and has opened a handful of three and four-star restaurants that are scattered around the globe, such as New York, London, Dubai and Tokyo just to name a few. With his son, Cedric Vongerichten running the kitchen as Executive Chef, Vong Kitchen hones in on dishes that combine the familiar elements from cuisine all over the world.

The appetisers feature straightforward and uncomplicated ingredients that are executed with aplomb. Ease into the meal with their unfussy Roasted Wild Mushroom that’s served with pecorino (Italian cheese made of sheep’s milk) or the memorable Rice-Cracker Crusted Tuna.

And if you have the appetite for it, there’s no reason not to go for their deceptively simple Truffle Pizza, where it’s topped with black truffle, three kinds of cheese and egg.

When it comes to main course, don’t be fooled by the modest names. In fact, you’ll do well to opt for them. To wit, Fried Chicken and Roasted Duck will definitely appeal to the locals thanks to their familiar yet distinctive flavours. Elsewhere, their Grilled Lamb Chops and Rib-Eye are safe bet too.

But what stands out the most in Vong Kitchen is their swift service. The servers are nearby whenever you need them without being to pushy. Plus, the duration between each course is timed well despite the large crowd that the establishment is dealing with.

Don’t be in a hurry to leave once you’re done with dinner. Simply order a plate of dessert or if that doesn’t interest you, make your way to the bar for their house cocktails. Over there, you’ll get to take in the full view of the dining area. Servers pouring wine or taking orders while initiating a small chat with guests. Staffs churning out dishes over at the semi-open kitchen like well-oiled machines.

Vong Kitchen will appeal to those who are looking for a special night out with their close friends and family members. Of course, the restaurant works well too even if you’re just looking for a place to treat yourself to a nice dinner, every once in a while.