Vin+ Kemang

11th August 2014
Vin+ Kemang maintains its fixture as the place to go in Kemang for good food and, most importantly, wine.

More often than not, one is easily intimidated by wine. Do you go with its year of production or its price to decide whether it is a good wine? Countless questions will no doubt arise for those who are wet behind the ears. Luckily, in Vin+, the subject of wine is dealt with in friendly manner without losing its sophistication.

Even though Vin means wine in French, the establishment does not discriminate when it comes to it. Vin+ stocks an impressive array of more than a thousand of different international wine labels. Even wine aficionados will be spoilt for choice here.

To complement the wine, the menu offers solid options of Western and Asian fare, from Duck Confit to Balado Beef Shank, crafted and executed by noted Chef Djoko Suwarno. While the food is impressive, it didn’t snatch the spotlight away from what Vin+ is known best – wine. And its casual atmosphere (even though sandals are not allowed) removes away the intimidating aura of wine. Diners are free to explore and inquire on the subject of wine without the annoying suspicion of being judged.

The establishment is effectively divided into three main areas. The middle and back room serves as its wine boutique and restaurant/bar/lounge respectively while its front section is a low-key coffee shop. The presence of the latter provides a sense of completion for Vin+. Diners can start sipping coffee before moving on to wine at the back. Vice versa, diners are able to wake themselves up after a heavy lunch.

Established since 2004, the longevity of Vin+ speaks volume on the importance of wine in the F&B industry and its genial yet sophisticated pull in the district of Kemang.