UNION Café (Senayan City)

5th July 2018
Elevated Indonesian food backdropped against an elegant glass patio, the latest UNION Café in Senayan City Mall is effortlessly acing a convivial time with families and friends.

Known to be a crowd-favourite where diners would often line up to secure a spot, UNION Group’s UNION Café needs no further introduction. The establishment is among the few giants who have materialised café culture in Jakarta, and they have certainly garnered significant followers on each of their new openings. This time, the fifth addition takes over Senayan City Mall.

Taking up the open space at the mall’s lower ground floor, UNION Café’s newest venue is reminiscent of a glass patio where the elegant atmosphere is effortlessly inviting. The patio itself takes shape as a stand-alone circular dining area centred around a bar and the luring display of Union baked goods. And despite the flow of people around, the glass venue certainly eases you away from the crowd without being too secluded from the mall’s lively buzz.

When it comes to food, there is no doubt in Union’s consistency in delivering a quality that’s up to par with their image. But at the Senayan City’s branch, the menu overhaul is oriented towards the flavours of the archipelago. They haven’t gone completely Indonesian, but instead introduces local twists to foreign popular dishes.

To wit, the Seared Tuna Poké Bowl comes with kering tempe (fried tempeh) and pan-roasted kacang mede (cashew). Then, a local take on their Aglio Olio pasta is cooked with crispy ikan teri (anchovies) and cabai rawit (bird’s eye chili) for a zapping spiciness. And if you ever feel blasé about steak and fries, perhaps go for their Indonesian-spiced Steak and Rice for a change. At last, clean your palate with their layered Dadar Gulung Crepe Cake.

Come day or night, the establishment won’t fail to offer a convivial time. The F&B giant certainly knows how to spoil patrons with a delightful dining; you can see diners, whether they’re white-collars or students from nearby campuses, taking the pleasure of spending their time at the café. And as of newcomers, you are all cordially invited to experience the same.