29th June 2014
A welcoming workspace complemented with quality coffee - we don’t mind the Trafique.

The French word “Trafique” translates to: a space that sees plenty of activity. In this case, it’s a lot of activity pertaining to coffee.

At Trafique, customers truly get a ‘coffee experience’. Upon walking into the café, the first sight to the left is a coffee production line. Trafique is housed in the same building, as it’s coffee supplier, and roastery. The concept behind this ‘coffee warehouse’ is to include every process – from seed to cup – all under one roof.

For those who are fond of wide, open spaces, Trafique will easily become a new sanctuary. With a garden in the back, sunlight floods in through the windows for some nice natural lighting. The unusually large coffee bar steals the show as the café’s centerpiece. Like gathering around a friend’s kitchen bar, Trafique allows you to do the same, all the while creating a homey atmosphere. Thanks to its central location and welcoming ambience, Trafique has become a favorite working space for many.

There are the usual customary choices of coffee but for a change, try Trafique’s very own refreshing take on coffee. The highlight is undoubtedly the “Lestretto”, a mixture of Ristretto and lemonade that makes for an incredibly refreshing beverage on a hot summer weather. The “Trappucino” is also a good choice for those who find comfort in milk-based coffee. Pair them with Trafique’s home baked goods, such as their Carrot Cake or Brownies, to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Traffic – Jakarta residents frequent the term in daily conversations, with a negative connotation. As for Trafique? It sheds a whole new light on the term. This too, will easily make its way into daily chitchat, but for all the right reasons.