The Lapan

10th March 2021
Setting its square on Jurang Mangu street, The Lapan’s collective compound gathers an arsenal of up-and-coming lifestyle tenants that stretch from eateries to a compact library at their breezy and unconfined communal space.

The current climate has given way to the ‘shrooming arrival of collective compounds – a shared space where savvy urbanites easily convene to the calls of productive hours or delight in the day’s interval with finely curated offerings from the establishments in the premises. In the thick of this new fancy, each creative hub endeavours to represent the unique identity they embrace.

The Lapan, a collective space sheltering an array of lifestyle brands in Bintaro Sektor 7, has established a noticeable presence through its dynamic communal spot that anchors on an interactive concept, involving many aspects of the current; from design, fashion, F&B to education. The airy rendezvous is built on a renovated structure of the traditional home that came before, as shown and told by the Balinese gates at the entrance.

Prior to The Lapan, some areas of the site were merely occupied by small-scale office spaces, such as Bitte Design StudioMonstoreSOSJ and Antikode, the same enterprises that have brought the creative complex to life. Today, these offices sit adjacent to the compound, where two-storey concrete cradles a long line of container shops to the excitement of up-to-date denizens.

Whatever your interest, your time at The Lapan means exploring their unique abode and its flock of tenants. Fashionable and design-forward individuals can walk right into Monstore for streetwear curations and By Bitte’s catalogue of homeware goods in the shared space.

Those with a love for literature can drop by Buka Buku, a compact library where you can snatch a good read so long as you settle anywhere in the compound. And yes, that includes neighbouring stores ilgi coffeeHONU and Pempek Selamat. If you’re into reading while getting a quick trim, there’s ChopClub barbershop. Anything you fancy goes, but make sure to return the book back.

While their tenants make the case for The Lapan’s engaging value, it is their welcoming open-air and amphitheatre space that more and more people seek for their casual group hangout or remote working session. Their tiered and elevated platforms are just two versatile spots beside the shops’ snuggly indoor seating. Elsewhere, find hidden corners throughout the compound that have turned into popular photo-op spots among the visitors.

There’s a pattern to notice about creative commercial complexes: their concept of digging one’s niche dwells really well with the modern and dynamic urbanites. It’s only a matter of time until The Lapan – and with many other of its likes – burgeons with more tenants and visitors along the way.