The Forest

30th July 2020
A momentary getaway awaits in The Forest by Anima Group, a Bali-esque abode in Lebak Bulus where fusion fares and sunset by the pool is set to pique a holiday mood.

One of the unique things about the city’s urban dwellers is the length one would gladly travel to for a panoramic view—a sight often missed and desired in the busy capital. Secluded amongst lush greeneries reminiscent of Bali’s archetypal landscapes, it’s no wonder then that The Forest by Anima Group in Lebak Bulus has been getting the splashing welcome since its soft opening early this year.

Set on the ground floor of The Veranda—the same entity as Veranda Hotels—the restaurant’s charms can be summarised in three words: sunset, pool and jungle-like greeneries. In short, a jackpot site where these elements naturally merge to the delight of selfie-taking customers.

While their modern, glass-enclosed interiors are easy on the eyes, it is their open-air beauty that holds many diners captive: take their infinity pool and wooden outdoor seatings, along with an embracing sunset view that keeps the visitors parading. Though the sight of the skyline is best viewed from the pool, it requires an exclusive reservation for one to indulge in this experience. Still, the lavish feeling of dining amidst these surroundings is enough to pique and lift anyone’s mood.

When it comes to the food and drinks, the menu is ever-changing and only comes in sets, so expect different varieties of appetisers, main courses and desserts, upon visit. In exchange, one can always look forward to cuisine rooted in Indonesian flair, like the Short Ribs Green Fried Rice and Western fusion, like the French dish Beef Bourguignon, coupled with a premium list of wine and cocktails to match. 

Already a popular getaway, The Forest is never short of visitors—a further signal of people’s yearning for nature-infused landscapes away from the city, so making a reservation is highly recommended. With its lush backdrop and holiday-by-the-pool ambience, The Forest is set to become the city’s escape when a trip to Bali is not in one’s favour.