The Cocktail Club

26th October 2021
The bar team of The Union Group enters the Senopati neighbourhood with The Cocktail Club, sharing their passion for quality tipples to jazz up the city’s recently-resumed soirées.

As city inhabitants once more descend with the evening into the solace of Senopati for a night out, The Cocktail Club arrived, shaking things up with their selection of elevated cocktails and rare whiskeys to indulge enthusiasts on this newly-awakened scene. 

Situated right above Pierre, the dapper saloon immediately envelopes with its old-timey charm. Genuine antiques complement the art deco-inspired enclosure, and a curated playlist of blues, jazz, and soul tracks booms from the speakers. Amidst all this, right across the entrance sits the cocktail bar itself, starkly bright in the intimately dim room to reveal where the focus lies: the drinks.

The credit for The Cocktail Club’s rich selection of signature and classic tipples goes to the seasoned bar team who founded and partly own the establishment: the same folks who have consistently carried The Union Group into the prestigious Asia’s 50 Best Bars list since 2017. Armed with the skills they’ve built over the years, the team is not afraid to mix things up (pun intended), as they harmonise local flavours with innovative techniques and peculiar ingredients. 

For a taste of this, try the Sopi Susu, which boasts a combination of fortified marshmallows, sopi, hydrosol gin, fermented cempedak (a native Southeast Asian fruit, cousin to jackfruit), and cacao cream. But even going classic will bring in new experiences, and for this the crowd favourite Irish Coffee is a recommended pick.

Want to try something other than cocktails? Just step to the opposite corner. The team takes pride in their extensive whiskey collection, carrying rare editions like vintages from independent bottlers to enjoy alongside the bar’s supply of cigars. But that’s not all. Two barrel options await, one housing The Cocktail Club’s house blend and the other filled with the Aged Whisk(e)y Infinity. To the latter, whiskey hobbyists can contribute a shot of their choice and be rewarded with a shot of the daring blend. As for your bar fares, Pierre supplies them from the kitchen downstairs. 

Though The Cocktail Club takes its drinks seriously, it otherwise maintains a laid back atmosphere. Every bartender here (yes, those serving you at your table are trained to mix tipples too) is ready to supply you with a conversation or two. Come alone to simmer down solo or head in with a posse, join the club with your pick of indulgence to whisk away the humdrum of the day.