The Bulkstore & Co.

24th June 2019
Tick off your grocery list at The Bulkstore & Co., including superfood powders and organic, locally-made fruit wines, all while supporting the environment.

It’s for a good reason that bulk stores are making waves around Jakarta. By advocating against single-use pre-packaging and overconsumption, bulk stores urge Jakartans to tackle the city’s waste issue. And now, those in Central Jakarta can contribute even more with the newly opened The Bulkstore & Co in Menteng.

The bulk store (co-founded by Max Mandias and Helga Angelina) is located next to Burgreens Menteng. Small and concise, don’t let the size of the store fool you. The store carries all the pantry staples for your daily amenities. The store has got you covered with its range of organic and local ingredients (like nuts and seeds, spices, grains and coffee and teas), which are all directly sourced from local farmers and producers. To shop here, don’t forget to pack your reusable containers for the DIY ‘scoop-and-weigh’ method applies.

Along, you’ll find products from local brands, such as  Herbilogy’s range of superfood powders and store-exclusive dried jamu mix by Rahsa Nusantara for your dose of natural remedy. Satisfy your sweet tooth with artisan chocolates from Pipiltin Cocoa (be sure to get the dits honeycomb that’s only available in the store) and grab a bottle of Pasar Petani Kota’s fruit wine for your upcoming special occasion.

Environmentally-friendly hygiene products for your personal care, such as organic shampoos and soaps, skincare from O Wellness and essential oils from Organic Supply & Co. are also found here. The store further motivates customers to reduce waste by offering an at-home organic composter starter kit. The product recycles daily household waste into soil conditioner for plants, proving just how zero wastage is possible.

With that in mind, one should not underestimate the impact bulk food stores has in this city. With the low-impact living movement on the rise, they teach us how saving the environment can start small but simple. The Bulkstore & Co. has, in fact, shown that effortlessly.